The trading platforms that are emerging in the hot spots

Research on the secondary market traders, know some theorems on the market, such as for them, best on the market to earn money is emotional, technical analysis, the fundamentals of what, is in the back, emotion is the power of hundreds of thousands of people gathered, a man than he deviate from the target, research study fundamental forces, a track is much more powerful.

This applies not only to secondary markets, but also to corporate development. The simplest example is that Taobao and JINGdong have developed to their present size largely because they have grasped the trend of mobile Internet. In this wave of mobile Internet sweeping the whole people, the effect of their decisive participation is now obvious. By contrast, platforms like Suning, which didn’t hit the mobile Internet, are now just a brand on Taobao and

The same is true in the cryptocurrency industry, where hot spots change frequently and those that can be caught will be pushed into the public eye. Let’s take the hot spots in the cryptocurrency industry every round to see what the stories of these trading platforms are based on the hot spots.

The currency

Regarding the origin of the industry as the first hot spot in the industry, the first trading platform to rise with the help of bitcoin was Bitcoin China. The first trading platform in China, established in 2011, finally provided a reliable gathering place for players exposed to this niche commodity.

With the help of bitcoin, A new thing, BTC China obtained 5 million A round of financing from LightSpeed China and LightSpeed in the United States, and acquired 80% of the bitcoin trading volume in the Chinese Internet area at that time. The total trading volume surpassed that of Mt.Gox, which was known at that time, and became one of the largest bitcoin trading platforms in the world.

Doesn’t Bitcoin China have weaknesses? No, the platform has a lot of shortcomings. Take a look at baidu’s platform history and you’ll see how many users complain about BTC China’s UX, but that doesn’t affect BTC China’s status at the time. They did just one thing right: they saw a gap and built a slightly better platform than the others. It was enough that the rising price of bitcoin and the enthusiasm of investors attracted by the high returns were enough to propel them to the top spot in the world.


After Bitcoin, ALTCOINS entered into the investment scope of investors. As we all know in this history, Litecoin became the representative of shanzhai COINS in the slogan of “Bitgold, Litecoin”, and the trading volume was second only to Bitcoin.

And in litecoin this wave of wind, step is the fire currency net trading platform.

At the time, cryptocurrency investors’ love for counterfeits was largely driven by economic incentives, with the price of Bitcoin rising more than 70-fold from its peak in early 2013, and litecoin rising more than 1,500-fold, with much greater volatility than Bitcoin.

To see such a phenomenon, Huobi decisively entered the copycat currency trading track, on the day of the launch of Litecoin, the turnover of Litecoin on Huobi up to 100 million yuan.

Thanks to shanzhai COINS and the iteration of Huobi products, Huobi became the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the Chinese Internet area. According to the data at the beginning of 2016, the daily transaction volume of Huobi exceeded 2.64 million bitcoins, with the transaction volume exceeding 7.7 billion RMB, setting a new global daily transaction record of Bitcoin.

What is the concept of this one-day turnover figure? At that time, the total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was about 461 billion yuan, and Huocoin could reach 1.67 percent of the two exchanges’ daily turnover, compared with 11.57 percent of the 66.5 billion yuan of the gem yesterday.


IC0’s magical history, needless to say, began during a period of prosperity.

As the currency of the right place, right time, when the, and OK fire dollar is subject to overseas migration, and encryption monetary IC0 project in the crazy growth, the enthusiasm of the secondary market is extremely high, a project only need a web page and an Ethernet lane collection address, you can get your investment, the market has absolutely no reason at all. At this time, money security suddenly appeared, only one strategy, is on the IC0 project.

It turned out how successful the strategy was, going from zero to six million users in just six months. In September 2017, cryptocurrencies were traded globally on a daily basis at a rate of 3 billion, including 1 billion for Coen alone. That number became 10 billion in January 2018, the most in the world.

With the frenzied global demand for speculative Fomo, It only had to do one thing right to be number one.


In 2018, DApp dominated, and ethereum’s Fomo 3D caught the eye of speculators with its ingenious design, ultimately throwing all its enthusiasm at EOS.

EOS, with its faster network than Ethereum, the blockchain 3.0 moniker, and the popularity of gaming and mining, have finally given speculators a place to put their money in a prolonged bear market. Hundreds of Dapps, billions of dollars in trading, the bet is mine model, and speculators’ Fomo make Newdex stand out.

When people participate in DApp games, the most important thing is not to guess the size and win the bookmaker by luck, but to gain mining rewards behind the winning or losing of each game is what players value most. In order to attract players, almost every DApp gambling game will have the design of “betting is mining”, no matter win or lose, players can get token rewards provided by the platform. Newdex emerged in response to the need for tokens to be converted into EOS tokens. The decentralized trading platform only needs to do one thing, which is to provide a game-mining token covering a high number of active users to exchange for EOS.

In 2018, EOS launched a total of 235 Dapps, with 107 million transactions and a total transaction value of 3.4 billion. The huge transaction data is a larger token exchange demand, so Newdex presented even more amazing data, less than 3 months, the user volume increased by 650%, the transaction volume increased by 7100%, becoming the first among all the decentralized trading platforms.


By 2020, cycle theory resurfaced and the mobile mining in Defi became the hot spot. This time, it was the tiger sign trading platform that caught the spotlight.

From AMM’s return to retail, to decentralized lending platform Compound’s monetization of “lend and mine,” to other Defi projects following suit, the Defi sector became the first hot spot after the 312 crash.

Most of Defi’s projects can also be traded on Uniswap. However, the threshold and experience restrictions of DEX provide opportunities for a centralized trading platform. Hu Fu found this gap and started a crazy coin exchange.

This wallet from scratch, in June last year bought chang thought and OAX trading platform before formal open encryption platform currency trading business, from product innovation “work rights” investors begin to enter the line of sight, in just a year, with betting Defi vision of the project, the necessary for investors from Defi trading platform, on the roller, almost no you can’t trade Defi project.

Since AMM’s return to the public eye, Tiger notation has been captured, debuting UMA at the end of April and Kyber Network at the beginning of May, all projects that have since run through the Defi bull market. In the COMP period, mining appeared, tiger Charm almost seamlessly connected with Uniswap, and COMP came online at the same time. As the first online COMP centralized trading platform, Hufu was mentioned in the community much more than usual.

The market is pushing the superposition platform against the track, and all the data on the platform is naturally growing. According to Similar Web data, our website saw a traffic increase of more than 400% in May, with 240,000 monthly users and close to the 30,000 mark per day. While not comparable to the bull market of a few years ago, after months of sideways trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s clear that Hufu’s data is growing more easily than other platforms, with little power to stop the secondary market from pushing forward.

Hufu has tried many innovative products to attract traffic, such as the “withdrawal option” product familiar to veteran players, which was a very retail option hedging product, but clearly the market sentiment at that time was not in the portfolio. After stepping on Defi’s tuyere, the flow of Hufu rises more easily than ever before. With the help of Fomo, hufu can reach its current size and status only through new hot projects.

When you step on the hot spot, after the successful cold start, all the subsequent development will be much easier, such as coin an now internal incubation, external acquisition, ecological development is very rapid; Wang Ruixi, the founder of Hufu, has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013. With the huge users of Hufu platform superimposed on industry resources, it is natural for new businesses to develop. For example, the mining ecology that Hufu has not yet been involved in will definitely be involved in the future.

In fact, currency security, Hufu, and the rise of hot spots in the future, can provide thinking for all companies in the industry, stupid efforts are useless. In an elevator going up, lying down is going up. Grab the hot spots and do even one thing right and the market pushes you to another level.




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For independent-minded people, we offer professional Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

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