Cyberpunk2077 makes aelf blockchain build a new social form

6 min readDec 11, 2020


While the rich wine and dine, the poor die of cold by the roadside.

This is the exact description of the ever-bright city. Here, you can enjoy all the services and equip yourself with the most advanced outfits as long as you have money. Any underworld boss will welcome you with a smile. But on the contrary, not only will you have nothing, you only have a mantis sword to fight the rich bosses who are equipped with military weapons, and you may lose your life. Some super corporate oligarchs are plundering the resources of the city at will. They are mercilessly squeezing the corporate slaves and trampling on the flesh and dignity of the hard-working people inhumanely, in the quest for the legendary chip that makes people immortal.

The Cyberpunk world is dystopian, which is the difficulty living under the extreme technological prosperity. As the protagonist of the Cyberpunk 2077, you are just an ordinary corporate slave, a street boy who kills and sets fire, or a homeless vagrant. And your job is to fight at the bottom of the society, earn money and get promoted to upgrade your equipment, and finally only to live longer.

Blockchain token economy changes production mode

But CDPR, the game developer, wants to tell us more than that. They want to use the game to insinuate the difficulty of corporate slaves and the high monopoly of Elite Giants in real world. No matter how hard they work, as long as they don’t have money, they can only be corporate slaves for life and be tortured by their bosses. Therefore, in recent years, people have been pursuing the “freedom of wealth” so much that every financial course can easily become a hit. If the freedom of wealth cannot be realized, then like in the real Cyberpunk world, we will have to work hard to earn money forever. In the Cyberpunk world, labor relations are strained. In 2023, a group of labors attacked the Arasaka company in an attempt to destroy Arasaka’s security database. However, this resulted in the detonation of a nuclear device, killing more than 500,000 people and injuring over 250,000 people. Another example is Saburo Arasaka, the boss of Arasaka Company, who lived 158 years with the most advanced transformation of his body. After his death, his personality was uploaded to AI and continues to control his business empire. It was like his ghost lingers forever.

What caused such unfairness? What makes the oligarchs like Arasaka lawless?

The answer is mode of production.

As we know, whether it is the revolution of steam engine, electric power, computer or artificial intelligence, the productivity of society has been improved fundamentally. But if there is no advanced mode of production with the improvement of productivity, the society will be guided by the maximization of private interests, declining into a society with false high-tech exuberance, extremely uneven distribution of social resources and a huge gap between the rich and the poor, which leads to increasingly intensified social conflicts. But the power of capital is too strong, as in Cyberpunk 2077, even if the nuclear bomb was detonated, the foundations of these interest groups remain intact. This means that in the Cyberpunk world, the change of production mode is of great urgency.

However, the advent of blockchain can fundamentally change the mode of production in society. It builds a brand-new community economy, so that every member of society can contribute and benefit from it, thereby breaking up the pattern of oligarch’s exploiting corporate slaves and monopolizing resources.

aelf mainnet accelerates the construction of a new social form

Today is the day Cyberpunk 2077 was launched after many delays and is also the day aelf’s mainnet went live, the famous large-scale public enterprise-level ecosystem public chain system.

While we think about the current social patterns, the aelf mainnet will undoubtedly bring hope that the blockchain will change the mode of production and benefit human society.

Since the rise of the Internet and digital technology, whether it is in the Cyberpunk or the real world, the giants represented by big corporations have all the data. Through artificial intelligence combined with these free data, they can make profits from consumers. However, as the general consumers who contribute these data, they cannot get any other benefits except the products they’ve purchased.

Thanks to the emergence of blockchain, especially the emergence of decentralized distributed network, the data generated by anyone can be confirmed by cryptography and code programming, and no one can use the data without your consent. There is a famous saying in “Big Data Era”: “Data is the oil of the 21st century”. Data is not only an asset, but also an indispensable fuel for the modern society. Without data, no interest groups can generate new value, and whoever owns the data owns the money.

In addition, blockchain has also built a new blockchain-based social and economic form through the “token economy”.

Instead of relying on centralized servers, we hope various business can rely on blockchain for operation in the future. Large public chains like aelf have all kinds of tokens. These tokens are the basic value unit of the new economic model of blockchain in the future, which are equivalent to currency. In the future, companies can only mine data of new knowledge through artificial intelligence only after paying you token and getting your permission. And this process will be fully automatic — in a programmatic contract model.

On the blockchain, people with the above tokens form a community. For example, if you stake a part of the token on aelf, you have the authority to participate in the governance on the aelf blockchain system to determine what kind of production mode is fairest to all participants. The governance of the community becomes highly autonomous because of the rights empowered by the token. In addition, companies can hold token as well. They can stake token on aelf to get the qualification to sell goods, which are exchanged by tokens instead of legal currencies. Therefore consumers will get the token reward in the consumption process.

Furthermore, aelf can totally control the supply and demand of tokens, and encourage more people to participate in the construction of a new blockchain society by holding tokens. This is the fundamental guarantee for the increase in the value of the token. As more people participate in this new society, the exchange rate of the token to the legal currency will naturally increase.

In the future, based on the new social form of blockchain, that is, the community economy mentioned above, all social members can fully interact with each other through the “smart contract” on the blockchain, so as to transfer the value of data in various ways. In addition, people can not only interact with people and companies to carry out business activities, but also with devices that generate data. Just imagine you paying a token to a sensor that transmits indoor temperature data, so that it can give you the most accurate data.

Blockchain technology becomes the cornerstone of the new economy

Let’s go back to Cyberpunk and the real world, we can imagine that in the future, by participating in the community economy of the blockchain, your labor contributions to the company will naturally be paid with value-added tokens. As long as the data is generated, you can make money anywhere. All I’m saying is let cyberpunk players understand that in the future, we will not be corporate slaves anymore, but will completely be our own masters./determine our own destiny.

This is a profound change in the relationship between people in society. The relationship between employers and employees is replaced by that between all contributors; the relationship between data provider and the company stealing the data gave way to the one between companies who need to be humble and purchase the right to use data from corporate slaves. That’s why blockchains can change relations of production.

Therefore, more and more people in the blockchain industry realize that blockchain is a new economic infrastructure based on technology and protocols, a transmission network with data value, and a social organization forming a new mode of commercial production.

Now, the launch of the aelf mainnet has coincided with the release of Cyberpunk 2077. They have all been long-anticipated, and strive to be the best in their respective fields. At the same time, as a devotee of Cyberpunk, I share the same feeling with many players. Therefore, I shared the new world of blockchain with you, so that everyone can have a better understanding and more realistic hope of how the blockchain changes mode of production.

As a player who is a corporate slave, you have to give a thumbs up to the great potential of the aelf blockchain!




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